Factory, OEM keys used in Volkswagen Passat B7  ( 2010 - 2013 models ).

    The manufacturer specifies 3C0959752N, 3C0959752AD, 3C0959752AG and other 3C0959752xx part numbers.

    VW Passat B7 keys appear in two versions : with Comfort Access / Keyless ( 3C0959752BG for example )

    and without Comfort Access / Keyless ( 3C0959752AG, 3C0959752BA for example )

    Operating frequency for the USA market is 315MHz; For the European market is 434MHz.

    Transponder chip for OEM VW Passat B7 keys : Megamos Crypto 48 ( precoded - dealer key ).
* Some models of VW Passat B7 from the turn of 2013 use 5K0837202xx series keys ( 5K0837202AK for example ).
  These keys look different and are intended for the mechanical ignition switch or Comfort Access.
  In 5K0837202xx keys, similar as in 3C0959752xx keys, Magamos Crypto 48 ( precoded ) transponder used.