VVDI tool is intended for diagnostic and coding for VW-Audi Group cars, Key Programming, Mileage Correction and others.
The device contains Main Unit, Key Programmer ( TagKey ), optional 5th IMMO Update Tool and Windows-Based software.

VVDI-1 ( ImmoPlus ) car programmer - interface

Transponder Chip Programmer for VVDI

TagKey Programmer

VAG 5th Immobiliser Tool

5th IMMO Update Tool

Key programming functions for VAG-group cars.

- Audi A6, Q7 with EZS Kessy ( 4th immobiliser system ) : all key lost, add key, renew key with EZS Kessy eeprom
- Audi A4, A5, Q5, A6, Touareg and other cars with BCM2 ( 5th immobiliser system ) : all key lost, add key
- Cars with Instrument Cluster with NEC+24C32, NEC+24C64, NEC+95320 ( Golf 6, Bora, Jetta and others )
...and many others.

 VVDI-1 : 4th and 5th immo programmer

 For Audi A4, A5, Q5, A6, Touareg and other cars with BCM2 ( 5th immobiliser system ) for programming transponder keys
 optional 5th IMMO Update Tool is necessary.

Transponder key programmer.

VVDI TagKey allows programming and copying electronic keys & transponders for vehicles.
Software include also many "keymakers" for production "ready programmed to start the vehicle" transponders 
and several others useful function : preparing dealer keys, generate IDxx transponders, unlocking keys and smart keys etc.

vvdi - transponder key programmer

Megamos Crypto 48
Hitag 2
Sokymat 8E
Megamos 13
Temic 11
Temic 12
Temic 8C
Texas 4C
Texas 4D
Texas 4E
Texas DST+
T5 / TK5551
BMW Fx Series Key
VAG Immo5 Key
Unlock Megamos 48 transponder
Unlock Sokymat 8E ( Audi A6, Q7 ) key & transponder
Unlock Passat B6 key
Find 7th CS from working key ( Megamos 48 )
Prepare dealer key with 7th CS ( Megamos 48 )

Generate TP22, TP23, TP24, TP25 ( Megamos 48 ) for VAG-group cars
Generate ID33, ID40 ( PCF7930, PCF7931, PCF7935 ) for most of vehicle
Generate ID33, ID40, ID41, ID42, ID44, ID45 ( PCF7935 ) for most of vehicle
Generate ID46 ( PCF7936, PCF7946, Key Card, Remote Key ) for a lot of cars
Generate ID60, ID61, ID62, ID63, ID64, ID65 ( Texas 4D ) for a lot of cars
Generate ID66. ID67, ID68, ID69, ID70, ID70E ( Texas 4D ) for a lot of cars
Generate ID73 transponder for Mitsubishi ( PCF7930, PCF7931, PCF7935 )

Generate PCF7930 transponder for Mercedes ML
Generate PCF7930 transponder for Mercedes C-Klass and E-Klass
Generate PCF7930, PCF7931, PCF79351 transponder for Mercedes G-Klass

Component protection function.

Some parts of the modules build in the VAG vehicles, implement the so called “component protection”.
This is a mechanism dedicated to prevent exchange of modules between different vehicles without central authorization
from the VAG online database. Such modules placed in another vehicle activates the “component protection active” DTC.
VVDI Component Protection Function allows to reset used module to virgin state and adapt it for other cars.

VAG component protection reset function

The component protection is first implemented in the A8 2003+ and in the A6 2004+ vehicles.
There are actually two types of component protection – generation 1 and generation 2.
Component protection generation 1 is implemented in the A8 2003+ vehicles, while the A6/Q7/Allroad 2004+ use component protection generation 2 for most of the modules, and very few modules use component protection generation 1.

Important note : VVDI Component Protection Function not working correctly with some of VAG modules and can damage it.