PCF-Prog allows reading and programming of PCF79xx based MCU's widely used in car keys and tire pressure sensors.
With the help of this tool you can renew a lot of used SmartKeys with PCF7941, PCF7953, PCF7945, PCF7952 etc.
PCF-Prog also allows change of several interesting data : moving ID to other address, changing ID, erasing and others.

 PCF7941, PCF7953, PCF7945, PCF7952 programmer

PCFprog : reading and programming of PCF79xx


PCF Prog is really simple to use. If you need renew used car key, here is step by step guide :

- Disassemble the key and remove battery;
- Connect a power supply ( +/- ) from programmer to the key
- Connect MSDA and MSCL from programmer to the key ( if MCU will not wake up - you need to connect WUP line also )
- Start software, select "SETTINGS" and choose proper EEPROM size ( EEPROM size you can check it in key file folder )
- Select proper KEY MCU type ( PCF7945/52/53 or PCF7941/61 )
- Execute "ERASE" function. Sofware will respond with DONE->SUCCESS
- Select "FILE LOAD", choose EEPROM dump, push WRITE button. Software will respond with EEPROM WRITE: FINISHED
- Select "FILE LOAD", choose EPROM dump, push write function. Software will respond with EEPROM WRITE: FINISHED
- Open "CHIP" and utilise "Protect" function. If procedure executed correctly software will respond with DONE->SUCCESS

That's all.

pcf prog device for renew ( virginize ) used key fobs 

 * PCF Prog not include files for automatic renewing used automotive keys
   Several virgin files for car keys you can find here.

 * Keep in mind that "CONFIG" function is intended for advanced users.


We use PCF Prog from a long time without any problems.
Programmer works similar ( and often more effective ) than more expensive devices for renew used automotive keys.
PCF Prog device you can buy directly at the source : cartools.lv in really good price.

This is not a sponsored article.
The above description about PCF Prog programmer is based on our personal opinion and experiences only.