OEM KEYS USED IN AUDI Q7 ( 2006-2015 )

    Keys used in Audi Q7, 2006-2015 models.

    The manufacturer specifies 4F0837220, 4F0837220P, 4F0837220N and other 4F0837220xx parts number.

    Operating frequency : Keys for the US market generally working on 315MHz, Europe and rest of world : 868MHz.
    In several models you can find 434MHz also ( 4F0837220T, 4F0837220M for example ).
    Key with MCU - remote and transponder integrated ( transponder ID : Sokymat Crypto Audi - 8E ).

Audi Q7 OEM Key

AUDI Q7 - 4F0.837.220.G PCB L

Audi Q7 4F0837220 Smart Key PCB

AUDI Q7 - 4F0.837.220.G PCB R

PCB of Audi Q7 key with 8E transponder and remote transmitter